Harbin Guangsha College


International Communication and Cooperation Center

    International Communication and Cooperation Center is a functional department that conducts international affairs for the college and its main tasks include:
    1. Cooperative education between China and foreign countries, such as education for degrees (undergraduate to graduate, college to undergraduate);
    2. Communication with foreign colleges and universities, including study tour, teacher training and inter-college visit;
    3. Enrollment of overseas students;
    4. Employment of foreign teachers and relevant services;
    5. Consultant services about studying abroad for students, including application for a passport, a visa and colleges.

International Communication and Cooperation Program and Intention

    In order to train excellent students with international thinking and global vision, Harbin Guangsha College together with the Northern Investment Group has established friendly cooperation with famous overseas colleges such as Royal Roads University, Victoria University, UK Swansea University and USA Whittier College, as well as launched programs like “North American Youth Leaders Training Camp” in Canada, “British Grand Course” in UK and overseas course in America.
     To accelerate achievement of the international goal, Guangsha College will develop the communication and cooperation discussion with excellent colleges and universities of other countries, European and American countries, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Japan and Russia in particular. Guangsha hopes that it can establish short-term or long-term cooperation or communication with colleges of all kinds in these regions, and the focus will be laid on undergraduate to graduate and college to undergraduate. At the same time, Guangsha recruits experienced foreign teachers who love China and students.

Overseas Course Profile

     Overseas Course set up by Guangsha provides students with the opportunity to study, practice and receive training in foreign countries. Although students need to pay for themselves, they will be granted and supported by the college. Overseas Course is comprised of “North American Youth Leaders Training Camp” in Canada, “British Grand Course” in UK as well as overseas course in America.

“North American Youth Leaders Training Camp” in Canada

     “North American Youth Leaders Training Camp” in Canada aims to inform students of the features, management mode and teaching model of Canadian higher education. It will improve students’ comprehensive quality with the top educational principles and world-class teaching resources.
     “North American Youth Leaders Training Camp” in Canada is divided into Canada short-term 20 days and semester group.

“North American Youth Leaders Training Camp” in Canada’s Short-term 20 Days

     In the short time of studying in “North American Youth Leaders Training Camp” in Canada, students can experience education resources, western education principles and educational ideas as well as the campus life in the world’s famous universities. During their study, the students can improve English speaking and listening abilities, broaden global horizon, practice leadership and obtain credits of practical courses.
     Course place: Victoria University or Royal Roads University
     Time: about 20 days

“North American Youth Leaders Training Camp” in Canada’s Semester Group

    North International Universities Alliance and Canada Royal Roads University jointly set up an overseas course-North America Course (Semester Group) which lasts a semester.
    North America Course time: 14 weeks of March to June or October to January. Details of depart time depend on flights and visa. This program is devoted to excellence in teaching students foreign language, professional courses, literacy courses, P.E. and housekeeping operation.
    Special practice class: students can pay a visit to world-famous top 500 enterprises headquartered in Seattle such as Microsoft, Amazon and Starbuck to learn about advanced management ideas and culture of international corporations. They can tour in aviation schools and learn to fly small aircraft to enjoy the fun and basic knowledge of flights. Understand maritime culture: students can learn about yacht sailing and get yacht license in Canada.
    Teachers: teachers from Royal Roads University, local teachers in Canada and full-time teachers
    Courses time: two lessons both in the morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday; free on Saturday; non-scheduled events on Sunday Courses (details will be customized in accordance with major of the group students, which can be taken into graduation work design.)
     Courses place: Royal Roads University, overseas education base and Seattle transnational enterprise headquarter

British Grand Course

    British Grand Course program aims to help students experience British culture and hundred-year history, and make the comparison between blooming economy in the past and modern peaceful serenity through short time of study life in Britain.
    Program highlights
    [British Higher Education Courses] Students will have British college teachers to conduct the class and experience college class; visit world-famous schools such as Oxford and Cambridge.
    [Tour of Royal Culture] Students can visit the Windsor Castle, Queen's Palace, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the British gentleman and experience aristocratic culture.
    [Explore the UK Culture] Students can visit the most exciting cities and attractions; involve into the local life and British culture during studying.
    [Study British English] Students can listen to authentic British Style English in immersion study to speak standard English.

American Overseas Course

    American Overseas Course aims to help students experience diversified society, Hollywood art and the high-end technologies and educational principles in the most developed countries through short time of studying life in America.
    Program highlights
     [American academics] Students will have American college teachers to conduct the class and experience college class; visit world-famous schools.
     [American arts] Students can visit the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood Universal Studios, and enjoy close contact with Oscar to experience the world superstars' feeling on red carpet.
     [American technologies] Students can tour San Diego and overlook the US Pacific Fleet's largest naval port.
     [American charm] Students can visit the sleepless city and experience the diversity, inclusiveness, and openness of the exotic culture of America.

      [Study in America] Students can listen to authentic American Style English in immersion study to speak standard American English.