Harbin Guangsha College


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About Harbin Guangsha College (GB 13306)

    Harbin Guangsha College is a full-time undergraduate institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education. It is located at No.1 Xueyuan Road, Limin Development Zone, Harbin which is well known as a “City of Ice Arts” in north China, with a total area of 457,200 square meters.
    The College has five academic schools; School of Finance and Economics, School of Management, School of Information, School of Communication and Arts, and School of General Education, with disciplines of Economics, Management Studies, Engineering, Arts, Literature and Sciences,and about 8000 students on campus.
    After joining the Northern Investment Group, the College has gradually developed its campus culture and values of “integrity, kindness, openness, sharing and enjoyment” with the destiny of “training more citizens with work ethics, professional skills for the society”. The College is endeavoring to reach its goal of “ Internationalization, Informationization and Innovativity ” and cultivate people of talents in “business management, cultural originality, information technology”.
    Facilities are well provided, including advanced experiment centers, experiment training labs and about 100 training bases outside the school; modern teaching training labs and multimedia classrooms; over 800,000 paper-books and more than 1 million e-periodical magazines and journals; standard athletic field and complex court approved by Asian Athletics Association, standard students dorms with bathrooms, school hospital and excellent sports leisure and living facilities. The university has a college student incubator base where about a hundred students participate in start-ups and have successfully completed project registrations.The faculty is well made up of people with high degrees, excellent professional knowledge and competence in teaching and research work, including 441 full-time teachers, among whom 53 are professors, 141 vice professors, making up 43.9% of the total number of the full-time faculty.

    The College has launched a comprehensive “student-centered” educational reform, setting up some teaching models with distinctive features , such as bilingual experiment classes of Computer Major, “major plus English and minority language” of International Economy and Trade Major, “major plus studio and enterprise projects” of Vision Communication Design Major and “major plus occupational certificate and bookkeeping agency” of Financial Management Major. Overseas classes have broadened students' horizons and they are able to experience the first-rate educational resources in the world.
    The college is always persevering in its established principles and orientation, promotes the high qualities and employability of the students and sets up a sound base and platform for their mental and physical development, being people of talents, job-opportunities, business startups and their future sustainable development.