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SMRT Digital English Course

   SMRT Digital English Course originated in Canada is the software for English language learning, which combines those terminals of computers and cellphones on the basis of the Internet. SMRT English was the core course which is designed and developed by SMRT English Team for English learners of various levels. Presently, Ithas been adopted in some training institutions and schools in the countries in South America, Europe and Africa, enjoying highreputation among teacher and student users. In July, 2016, Elena Palmer and Steve Castle from Smrt Education Corporation visited Guangsha College and conducted a training program of SMRT English for the English teachers of the School of General Education. SMRT English functions efficiently so that theteachers can supervise students' attendance, assignment management and learning evaluation. SMRT English represents the integrity of advanced technology and teaching approach and attracts the attention of the young “digital generation” in particular. It can be expected that a strong sense of initiative and promotive interaction of the learners would be aroused with the implement of SMRT English. Today, SMRT English Software has already been put into experimental stage for freshmen in Guangsha College.


SMRT English summer training program for Chinese teachers of English

Discussions of SMRT English between Chinese teachers of English and Steve

Elena and Steve's presentation English

  Guangsha has comprehensively launched Smrt English Course teaching plan which utilizes teaching method of Extranet and advanced Canadian teaching resource for the first time. We will make efforts to continuingly improve the deep combination between advanced teaching resource and Guangsha’s English education to improve the quality of English education.
Experimental Classes
    Guangsha set up 12 classes and 30 students for each in 2016 freshmen. SMRT English Course is divided into compulsory courses and optional courses. Student in training can receive 2 points as an optional course each semester.
Course hours
    Compulsory course requires 4 periods of class teaching and 2 periods of machine practice for each week. Optional course requires 2 periods on each Wednesday afternoon. Due to the limitation of course hours, Guangsha College, for the time being, conducts listening and speaking teaching in class and writing and grammar study after class.
Objectives of Smrt English
    SMRT English is divided into different levels of teaching content which has 12 different themed units. The themes are very close to daily life so that students will improve learning, oral and hearing ability through different topics. So our SMRT English course aims to improve students’ oral and listening comprehension capability.
Hardware Facilities
    SMRT English Course requires modern multimedia classrooms, so Guangsha has built six multimedia training classrooms with necessary equipments such as projectors, audio, flexible desks and other infrastructure. Student taking classes can also bring laptops.
    If you have the dream of going abroad, if you want to experience the international language environment as soon as possible, if you want to further broaden cultural horizons, if you want to make college life more colorful, welcome to Guangsha SMRT English Course!